• Compact Lithium Battery Terminal – 250 amps

    This economical, small footprint brass battery terminal can reduce connector costs on a single microgrid energy storage system by $2,000 and offers a battery module designer the protection options of snap-on rigid or flexible covers. The brass core of our LFT is available with nickel plating for marine applications and…

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  • Brass Lithium Battery Terminal – 500 amps

    This brass battery terminal connector is designed for the temperature sensitive environment of lithium battery modules, including immersion cooled motive power systems. The brass core of our BFT connector stays cool even during 3C, and 4C charge and discharge rates. Equipping your power module with these low cost, watertight, single…

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  • Copper Lithium Battery Terminal – 1000 amps

    Bulkhead Feedthrough, Bulkhead Battery Cable Connector, Battery Bulkhead Connector The silver-plated copper core of this member of our Bulkhead Feedthrough family stays cool even when charge and discharge currents peak to 2,500 and 5,000 amps. These copper battery bulkhead connectors are designed for the temperature sensitive environment of lithium battery…

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