Since our founding in 1962, we've offered many types of plastic molding processes to meet our Customers’ diverse needs including thermoplastic injection molding, insert molding, wire over-molding, thermoset injection, compression, and transfer molding. No matter the process, we can recommend and manufacture plastic parts in the appropriate material for any project.

We produce custom-molded plastic parts for OEMs in the Defense, Avionics, Instrumentation, Medical, Consumer Products, Energy, and Transportation industries. ISO 9001 certified,  ITAR/DDTC & JCP/DD2345 Registered, DoD Certified Munitions Supplier, QPL Approved, FDA Class I, II, and III medical devices. The parts we create range from dime-sized to gallon-sized, from parts designed to last 50 years to those designed as disposables, in quantities from 500 pieces to 20,000,000 pieces per year, and for environments as pleasant as an air-conditioned office to as unforgiving as an oil drilling borehole.

We produce thermoplastic and thermoset custom molded parts using hundreds of different standard and custom plastic formulations (see alphabetical listing below) and offer a wide spectrum of insert-molding (plastic molded around metal parts), over-molding (plastic molded around plastic parts), and post-molding services (machining, assembly, printing, laser marking, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, etc). We specialize in a wide spectrum of molding services, including insert molding and over-molding services. 95% of the parts we produce are smaller in size than a gallon jug of milk, weigh less than one pound, and have a maximum dimension shorter than 12 inches.

Whether you have a drawing, a sample, or simply an idea, our team can design the part and select the material which best fits your needs, perform 3D modeling, create full-size prototypes, design and create the molds, perform first article inspection and then produce production quantities. 

Rebling is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered. All products, including high current connectors and custom molded parts are MADE IN THE USA, or Assembled/Molded in the USA with American and imported parts. Rebling's manufacturing facility is located in Warrington, PA (north of Philadelphia) where all the molding and assembly are performed.

Cage Code – 30525
SIC Code – 3089 & 3643
NAICS Code – 334417, 326199
D&B Number – 00-235-2748

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