Electrical Connectors

Wherever you find a lithium battery module or a fuel cell larger than a loaf of bread you will find Rebling. Rebling Terminals can be found in MicroGrid, Reserve Power, AGV, Vehicle Electrification or APU systems, GenSet, GPU, DC-DC Converter, On-Board Charger, Power Distribution Unit, 3 in 1 Automotive Module, 2 in 1 Automotive Module, Ground Support Equipment, Rail Gun, Particle Beam, and Laser Weapon Systems.

Custom Molding

Rebling is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered. All products, including high current connectors and custom molded parts are MADE IN THE USA, or Assembled/Molded in the USA with American and imported parts. Rebling's manufacturing facility is located in Warrington, PA (north of Philadelphia) where all the molding and assembly are performed.