Electrical Connectors

Wherever you find a lithium battery module or a fuel cell larger than a loaf of bread you will find Rebling. Rebling Terminals can be found in MicroGrid, Reserve Power, AGV, Vehicle Electrification or APU systems, GenSet, GPU, DC-DC Converter, On-Board Charger, Power Distribution Unit, 3 in 1 Automotive Module, 2 in 1 Automotive Module, Ground Support Equipment, Rail Gun, Particle Beam, and Laser Weapon Systems.

Custom Molding

Rebling is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered. All products, including high current connectors and custom molded parts are MADE IN THE USA, or Assembled/Molded in the USA with American and imported parts. Rebling's manufacturing facility is located in Warrington, PA (north of Philadelphia) where all the molding and assembly are performed.

Industry Experience Plastic Compounds, Processes, Certifications
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