Defense Custom Moldings

Thermoplastic and Thermoset components used in:
Ordnance, Exploding Bridge-wire Detonators, Tungsten Ball Fragmentation Sleeves, Cockpit Instruments, Avionics Electrical Systems. etc.
DoD Certified Munitions Supplier, ITAR Registered, QPL Approved, ISO 9001 certified

Tungsten Balls Molded into a flexible thermoplastic fragmentation sleeve
5,000 tungsten balls molded into flexible and rigid thermoplastic fragmentation sleeves


Exploding Foil Detonator
Multiple tin-plated copper wires molded into thermoset exploding-bridge-wire (EBW) detonator
for ordnance and exploding foil detonator (EFD) for countermeasure flares and chaff


Thermoplastic Tungsten Beads
2,700 tungsten balls molded into a rigid thermoplastic fragmentation sleeve


calibration gears molding
Cockpit instrument calibration gears molded in glass-filled nylon


Fighter Pilot moldings impact resistant
Fighter pilot’s helmet molded from impact-resistant Lexan