Our LFT Style terminal is the most economical, smallest footprint, simplest environmental seal, battery terminal which can reduce connector costs on a single microgrid energy storage system by $2,000 and offers a battery module designer the protection options of snap-on rigid or flexible covers. The brass core of our LFT is available with nickel plating for harsh environments and stays cool even at extreme charge or discharge rates. Equipping your design with these watertight, single pole, wrench disconnect battery terminals will enable system integrators to easily incorporate your power modules into the MicroGrid, Reserve Power, Vehicle Electrification or APU systems the end-user requires, regardless of battery chemistry.

Whether you are coupling battery modules in series for a stationary power application, a water-glycol liquid-cooled or immersion-cooled motive power system, a single SLI module, a telecom or datacenter reserve power system or simply bringing DC power from the inside to the outside of a bulkhead which is at least 0.110” thick, our LFT Style 250 amp terminals, covers and accessories were designed with your application in mind.

Electrical Information

  • Rated Current 250 amps
  • Peak Current 1,500 amps
  • Rated Voltage 2,000 volts

Mechanical Information

  • Maximum Wire Size 4/0 (110 mm2)
  • Internal threaded connection:  M8
  • External threaded connection: M8
  • Environmental Sealing IP68
  • Operating Temperature -40° C to +125° C
  • Flammability Rating UL94 5VA

Commercial Information

  • LFT-B-B Brass, Unplated, Black Insulator
  • LFT-B-R Brass, Unplated, Red Insulator
  • LFT-P-B Brass, Nickel Plated, Black Insulator
  • LFT-P-R Brass, Nickel Plated, Red Insulator
  • 698A1789-S-B Short Snap On Cover (1.44” OAL), Black
  • 698A1789-S-R Short Snap On Cover (1.44” OAL), Red
  • 698A1789-L-B Long, Small Gauge Snap On Cover (2.23” OAL), Black
  • 698A1789-L-R Long, Small Gauge Snap On Cover (2.23” OAL), Red
  • 700A1799 O-Ring


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