Polysulfone (PSU)


Polysulfone is a high-temperature thermoplastic created for extended service beyond 300 degrees F. However, for a continuous use temperature, of over 300°F it requires 40% glass reinforcement. With the addition of glass fibers to the polysulfone, the result is an increase in tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths and also an increase in modulus values. It is semitransparent and heat-resistant which offers excellent mechanical, electrical, and chemical resistant and limits mold shrinkage. The ideal application for this product is electrical and electronic applications.

Rebling has experience using polysulfone in aircraft applications as well as medical applications which require sterilization by autoclave. Comparing it to other high-temperature thermoplastics, polysulfone has some key advantages. It has better chemical resistance than PEI (Ultem) and can be a convenient substitute during shortages of PEI. Polysulfone is also highly resistant to degradation by gamma or electron beam radiation. It is also both transparent and inherently flame retardant, which is a unique combination among other high-temperature resins.