Noryl (PPO)


Rebling has extensive experience with Noryl® PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide - Styrene), which is a blend of PPO and styrene. Due to its chemical structure, Noryl® displays abnormally low moisture absorption, providing excellent insulating properties and dimensional stability over a wide range of humidity and temperature. You will find Rebling using this material in applications such as electronics, electrical equipment, machinery, aerospace, etc.


Noryl® has good electrical insulating properties and long-term dimensional stability due to low moisture absorption. It also has superior impact strength, is light-weight, and is hydrolytically stable. It can be used continuously at temperatures of 220°F. Some grades of Noryl® are FDA compliant. Some non-halogenated flame retardant grades are also available.

Noryl plastic injection molding design

Noryl is considered a “well-rounded” high performance thermoplastic. In addition to high temperature and good mechanical and chemical properties, another design advantage of Noryl is that it has very predictable mold shrinkage compared to most other resins. This makes Noryl a good substitute for PEI (Ultem) in certain applications