Four Wire Avionics Plug

Wherever you find a battery module larger than a loaf of bread that, you will find Rebling’s terminals and connectors. Equipping your design with these watertight, single pole, wrench disconnect battery terminals will enable system integrators to easily incorporate your power modules into the MicroGrid, Reserve Power, Vehicle Electrification or APU systems the end-user requires, regardless of battery chemistry. Whether you are coupling battery modules in series for a stationary power application, a liquid-cooled motive power system, a single SLI module, a telecom or datacenter reserve power system or simply bringing DC power from the inside to the outside of a metal panel, our terminals, covers and accessories are designed with your application in mind.


7007 Four-Wire Cable-Mounted Plug

Our 1,000 amp XFT-style terminal (with mounting ears) has performance characteristics identical to our 1,000 amp BFT-style terminal but is specially designed for mounting onto thin or weak panels. The 1,000 amp XFT-style terminal’s nickel-plated copper core stays cool at 1,000 amps of continuous current or at short term peaks of 5,000 amps. These terminals are designed for the temperature sensitive environment of lithium battery cells and the charging rates of ultracapacitors and supercapacitors. Equipping your power module with these watertight, single pole, wrench disconnect copper battery terminals will facilitate the incorporation of your modules into cutting edge EV, APU, Fuel Cell, and Weapons Systems.

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