Our 1,000 amp BFT Style terminal consists of a nickel-plated copper core which stays cool at 1,000 amps of continuous current or when charge and discharge currents hit short term peaks of 5,000 amps. These small footprint terminals are designed for the temperature sensitive environment of lithium battery cells and the charging rates of ultracapacitors and supercapacitors. Equipping your power module with these watertight, single pole, wrench disconnect copper battery terminals will facilitate the incorporation of your modules into cutting edge EV, APU, Fuel Cell and Weapons Systems.

Whether you are designing a pressurized battery pack cooled with the Novec family of engineered fluids from 3M* for EV Mobility, Regenerative Braking, Rail Gun or Laser Weapon applications or are simply bringing high currents through a bulkhead that’s at least 0.080” thick, our BFT Style 1,000 amp terminals, covers, and accessories were designed with your application in mind. *(3M, Novec and Novec 7200 are trademarks of 3M Company).

Electrical Information

  • Rated Current 1,000 amps
  • Peak Current 5,000 amps
  • Rated Voltage 2,000 volts

Mechanical Information

  • Maximum Wire Size 750 MCM
  • Environmental Sealing IP68
  • Operating Temperature -40° C to +125° C
  • Flammability Rating UL94 5VA

Commercial Information

  • BFT-N-B Brass, Nickel Plated Copper, Black Insulator
  • BFT-N-R Brass, Nickel Plated Copper, Red Insulator
  • 651A1811 Elastomeric Gasket, 1.95″ diameter, Black
  • 648A1758 Rigid Shell Kit, Black
  • 648A1779 Rigid Shell Kit, Red
  • 639A1830-B Elastomeric Boot, .81” diameter cable opening, Black
  • 639A1830-R Elastomeric Boot, .81” diameter cable opening, Red


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