Rebling's Receptacle Gaskets are designed to serve two purposes:

  1. Provide an Environmental Seal– elastomeric receptacle gaskets prevent fluids, moisture, air and dust from penetrating the bulkhead to which Rebling’s receptacle connectors are attached. This environmental seal prevents penetration into the power source (battery, fuel cell, etc.) and other electronics contained behind your bulkhead.
  2. Deliver RFI-EMI Shielding – conductive elastomeric receptacle gaskets provide an environmental seal as well as an EMC (Electro- Magnetic Compatibility) seal. This EMC seal attenuates EMI and RFI signals which might otherwise cause radiation or susceptibility problems with your system.

Commercial Information

  • 100A1112 (MS3509-14) Gasket, Elastomer, Flat, Black, for Style 1 Receptacles
  • 023A1169 Gasket, Elastomer, Flat, Black, for Style 2 Receptacles
  • 643A1625 Gasket, Elastomer, Flat, Black, Conductive for EMI

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