Our MFT feed through terminal is rated at 500 amps and 2,000 volts, can take a peak current of 3,000 amps and is designed for mounting to the steel or aluminum panels found in electrical panelboards, power management modules, battery racks, and control panels. The brass core of this through panel connector is available with nickel plating for the harsh environments found in outdoor enclosures and remains cool at extreme DC charge or discharge cycles or AC switching rates. Equipping your design with these single pole, pass through terminals will enable integrators to incorporate your products into their power conditioning or distribution panel systems.

Our double-ended female threaded electrical termination scheme eliminates the shorting hazard of male threaded posts and delivers more than twice the torque strength of a threaded post to avoid potential damage inflicted by over-zealous end users. Rigid and flexible snap-on covers provide touch safety both before and after cables have been attached to our power pass through connector.

Electrical Information

  • Rated Current 500 amps
  • Peak Current 3,000 amps
  • Rated Voltage 2,000 volts

Mechanical Information

  • Maximum Wire Size 450MCM (230 mm2)
  • Environmental Sealing IP68
  • Operating Temperature -40° C to +125° C
  • Flammability Rating UL94 5VA

Commercial Information

  • MFT-B-B Unplated, Black Insulator
  • MFT-B-R  Unplated, Red Insulator
  • MFT-P-B Nickel Plated, Black Insulator
  • MFT-P-R Nickel Plated, Red Insulator
  • 698A1789-S-B Short Snap On Cover (1.44” OAL), Black
  • 698A1789-S-R Short Snap On Cover (1.44” OAL), Red
  • 698A1789-L-B Long, Small Gauge Snap On Cover (2.23” OAL), Black
  • 698A1789-L-R Long, Small Gauge Snap On Cover (2.23” OAL), Red
  • 713A1806-B Flexible Snap On Cover (3.75″ OAL), Black
  • 713A806-R Flexible Snap On Cover (3.75″ OAL), Red
  • 716A1815 Gasket


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