Benefits of Solid Contact Connectors

As the quest for smaller and smaller pieces of technology broadens, the electronic power supply industry must strive to meet consumer demands despite limitations of materials and constraints of manufacturing. Today, connectors are expected to be small but mighty. Solid contact connectors are the best way to achieve high power density while keeping up with powerful microprocessors and other components. Solid contact connectors offer a variety of benefits, including a solid contact power connector can transfer two times more amperage than a blade connector occupying the same space. Below are further benefits of solid contact connectors.

  1. Solid contact connectors offer a long history. They have been around for at least 70 years' and use contacts "turned" which was initially invented for the Swiss watch industry.
  2. They offer solid mass for the transfer of content. Compared to stamped contact products, solid contact connectors offer more solid metal in the spatial contact area, therefore increasing efficiency.
  3. They maintain low contact resistance. Interconnect designers must also provide a mating system to ensure a large surface area of "embrace" in order to maintain low contact resistance levels and enable maximum current-carrying capacity.
  4. Designers can use smaller connectors and less material. Solid contacts allow the power system designer to use less wiring, less material, and less assembly time. connectors
  5. They are strong and durable. Solid contacts are solid metal, made of brass and bronze alloys; this makes them durable and less prone to bending or damage.

There are many benefits to solid contact connectors, and these advantages are accentuated in the power supply world. While the cost is sometimes higher initially, life cycle cost can be lower particularly regarding smaller packaging and reliability. Rebling offers a High Current Power Connector Series, originally designed for the rigorous requirements of the commercial and military aircraft industry. Products include power disconnect switches, aircraft battery connectors, lug terminals and more. Rebling serves the following industries: Construction, Aircraft, Trucking, Electrical Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Military, Drilling, Rail, Agricultural, Marine, Power Distribution, and MicroGrid.

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