Rebling Power Connectors Introduces Three New Products to Their Line Up

Rebling has added three new products to their current line up.

1. Attached dust cover/gasket 700222. This product is available in two versions- “style 1 gasket” (-1) or “square o-ring” (-2) designs. It functions as both a seal for mounting the receptacle and a cover for protecting the contact pins from the elements. It fits any 7002 or 7009 series receptacle.

2. UCVC-102 Vent Cap. This commercial low cost version of our bayonet vent cap is easy to assemble with a standard nut driver. Can be used in ni-cad battery or ultracapacitor/supercapacitor applications.

3. 7000 series receptacle backshell. This products is designed to cover and protect the back terminals of any 7000 series receptacle. There are two size versions: 644A1626 for tight fitting spaces, and 644A1627 for use with our 4/0 terminal adapters (receptacle p/n 7009-8). These backshells are also available in conductive resins for EMI shielding.

Contact Mark Burg to discuss your current application.
215-343-2400 ext. 219

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