Advantages of High Temperature Injection Molded Nylon Parts

There are many polymers that can be fabricated with high temperature plastic molding, and the quality of the finished parts is similar for all of them. However, some polymers have far more impressive properties than others, and have a real advantage for many uses and settings. Of those, nylon frequently tops the list. Here are five advantages of injection molded nylon:nylon

  1. High bending fatigue strength. One of the most coveted properties of nylon components made with high temperature plastic molding is that they have incredible flexure and bending fatigue strength. What this means is that when weight or pressure pushes against the nylon, it not only holds up to its rated weight limit, it also keeps its shape and structural integrity with remarkable consistency, so that the areas put under stress do not become fatigued. This is good for many uses, but especially those where loads will be intermittent and frequent.
  1. Electrical and chemical properties. All molded nylon parts have impressive electrical properties. Depending on the fill and grade of the nylon, they can be more conductive or more resistance to electrical current. And they are widely used in environments where there will be chemical exposure because they are such tough, non-reactive, wear-resistant components.
  1. Heat resistance. Nylons in general are more heat tolerant than most other plastics, but some specific nylons have been developed to handle very high temperature situations. This is typically achieved by using a form of nylon known as polyamide 66, filled with glass fiber to increase its resistance. There are also proprietary forms of nylon that achieve incredible heat resistance. Depending on the type and fill, this can be as high as 180 degrees, 230 degrees or even 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Low cost. High temperature plastic molded nylon parts are normally used in settings where you need durability, precision and quality. For components of this type, nylon is surprisingly affordable. You’ll find that custom parts come in at prices that are competitive with or lower than metal and polymer alternatives—with great performance.
  1. Versatility. Perhaps the biggest reason nylon is so widely used is simply its versatility. With so many variants, grades, fills and colors, it can be made to withstand almost any environment, and it can be molded into truly any shape. Nylon is used in everything from the aircraft industry to chemical engineering.

Has your business used injection molded nylon parts? What did you use them for?

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