Diallyl Phthalate, commonly referred to as DAP, exhibits outstanding electrical insulating properties particularly at high humidity and high temperatures environments. While not as heat resistant as phenolic, DAP can operate continuously at temperatures as high as 450°F. DAP is typically available in flame retardant grades including ratings of UL 94V-O in cross sections as small as .062 inches. End uses include coil bobbins, connectors, and circuit breakers.

Rebling has been using DAP thermoset material for over the past 30 years using transfer and compression molding techniques. Rebling mostly uses this material in electrical interconnects (connectors, switches, etc). DAP is available in short and long glass fiber filled grades with limited color choices. DAP parts display outstanding stability even under load, along with good electrical/physical properties. Dielectric strength hold up even under the harshest environmental conditions. DAP is non-corrosive to inserts and resistant to weathering, fungus, and most solvents.

DAP plastics injection molding deign

While DAP can be molded with thicker sections than thermoplastic materials, a thicker wall will make for a longer cycle time. When designing a new part, design engineers should consider switching to modern high temperature thermoplastics such as PPS, PEEK, or PEI which have much lower processing costs.

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