Rebling is well known for its connectors. They are found exclusively on commercial and military airplanes and helicopters.  We have an impressive history in this sector which can be summarized in just one statement: 35 billion air miles per year without a failure!

Rebling was founded in the early 1960's by Robert Rebling. The company began as a custom molder of thermoset resins using the transfer, compression and injection processes. Rebling eventually expanded its services to include thermoplastic injection molding.

In 1985 Rebling continued its expansion in custom molding services to include both automatic and insert molding of thermoplastic and thermoset materials.  During this period of time, Rebling began manufacturing premium quality high amperage connectors for the commercial aerospace and defense industries and since has become the most trusted in the Industry.  Many of Rebling products are the standard for the aviation and military industry.

With continued demand, Rebling underwent multiple building expansions to accommodate its growing business. Today, the company's 23,000 square foot facility houses over 25 molding presses including shuttle and vertical clamp machines providing precision moldings to a varied customer base of from Mom and Pop shops to fortune 500 companies. Materials molded at Rebling include both engineered and commodity type plastics ranging from flexible thermoplastic elastomers to highly reinforced engineered resins.

Rebling is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered. All products, including the master disconnect switches, high amp connectors, and battery vent caps, are MADE IN THE USA, or Assembled/Molded in the USA with American and imported parts.

Rebling's manufacturing facility is located in Warrington, PA (north of Philadelphia) where all the molding and assembly is performed.

Cage Code – 30525
SIC Code – 367901
NAICS Code –
 334417, 326199
D&B Number – 00-235-2748

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