Will More People Buy Electric Vehicles in 2018?









If you are a fan of technology, you probably know that CES 2018 just happened, and there were many amazing new consumer electrics that were featured. From AI and robotics to wearable health devices, the future is now every year in Las Vegas during CES.


This year, electric vehicles were the talk of the conference, and one electric vehicle, in particular, has been discussed ever since. It is an all-electric SUV made by a China-based manufacturer named Byton, which was founded by automotive industry leaders formerly at BMW and Infiniti.


The electric SUV’s base model can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge, and it can be fully charged in about a half an hour. There will be a more expensive model that will also be released in China in 2018, which will be able to travel 325 miles on a single charge. The electric vehicle won’t be released in the United States until 2020 at its earliest.


Byton’s leadership is calling the electric SUV a “smart intuitive vehicle” that will be able to be to handle many of the same applications as a smart phone. The difference, though, is those applications will be initiated with hand gestures rather than using a smart phone where the user can get distracted.


This is just one of many electric vehicles that will be on roads in 2018 and the next few years. As more of these vehicles get released and the price point comes down, experts believe that more people will buy electric vehicles in 2018 and beyond. First and foremost, the EV tax credit is still safe, and individuals who purchase an electric vehicle could receive up to a $7500 credit.


Second, consumer trust should strengthen as more electric vehicles are present on the road. Consumers will begin to understand that electric vehicles are incredibly reliable and the technology is sound. For one, there is no internal combustion engine with tons of components. The engine design for an electric vehicle is very simple and just includes battery connectors and other battery components.


Finally, the popularity of electric vehicles will rise as the infrastructure grows, the technology improves, and the growing demand for sustainability requires smarter consumer purchases.


For all of these reasons, experts agree that electric vehicles should become more popular in 2018 – especially with vehicles like those featured in CES 2018 on the horizon.

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