What Is the Latest Status of Apple’s Electric Car Project?

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The fact that Apple is looking into getting into the electric car market is about as well-known secret as…well when Apple was looking to launch a watch. Apple's automobile ambitions, otherwise known as Project Titan, have had a roller coaster ride. It was first reported by the Wall Street Journal last year, and the initial design looked like a mini-van – albeit a really cool minivan, but little else was known about the project. In the time since then, there have been trickles of information here and there.


The latest news involves Apple's talks with McLaren Automotive Group, a well-known British automobile company that specializes in high-end luxury and sports models. In addition to that, it also works with light materials in its engineering research and development. Given the importance of light materials like aluminum and carbon fiber in electric automobile construction, it makes a lot sense that Apple would be consulting with McLaren. This could also help to explain the recent Apple layoffs, which were presumably people working for the secret automobile project. Project Titan has undergone many changes since Bob Mansfield took over the project in July.


Apple's Presence in the Electric Automobile Market Could Jumpstart Innovation and Design


As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, McLaren representatives are denying that Apple and McLaren are in talks for a potential investment or deal. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't something in the works. Apple could use the help if it really wants to get the project off the ground. McLaren could provide the necessary data and experience in the car manufacturing field that could hasten the process. The Wall Street Journal also reported that the McLaren F1 is a favorite of Apple Marketing Chief, Paul Schiller, which won't extinguish the rumors.


Whether the deal is made or not, just the idea of Apple being in the electric car market will legitimize the electric car market even further as other companies like Tesla and Google stake their claim as well. New technologies are being developed every day to improve the performance and affordability of electric vehicles, and there are more charging stations being opened every day. As a developer of electric components, like Bulkhead power connectors, and high current DC switches, Rebling Plastics is excited to see what the future holds for the electric vehicle market.

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