What Does the Future Look Like for Aerospace Materials?



The aerospace materials market is expected to grow tremendously in the near future. According to an article published in Azo Materials, the aerospace plastics industry by itself is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2022. This growth has not just come from the military and commercial aircraft sectors, but unmanned aerial vehicles as well. In fact, the unmanned aerial vehicle better known as the drone offer a wide variety of opportunities as demand for them grow. However, at the same time, their proliferation does present some challenges for engineers as they are unmanned and require remote navigation.


Material Solutions for Commercial Aircraft and Drones


One area where researchers are certainly looking to improve is the cost of production of various aerospace materials. They hope that computer models can be used to develop any new aerospace materials. Obviously, the intended result would be to reduce production costs as models cost much less than physical prototypes. In addition to that, computer models may allow researchers to assess how exterior forces impact the integrity of the aircraft materials. For example, as referenced in the Azo Materials article, models were able to show how the trajectory of the stones kicked up from the plane's tires during takeoff and landing would affect the lifespan of recycled composite materials.


In regard to drones, a lot is being done with electrical components to see how engineers may be better able to store electricity and enhance maneuverability. In the future, some believe that they can apply the same technology to other personal devices like cell phones and laptops. Drones are currently being tested for a number of different applications that show promise, including for shipping goods and transporting people. That's right. Flying cars might be here sooner than we think.


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