The Critical Role of Batteries in the Aviation Industry

Rebling Plastics has earned a reputation as a top supplier of battery terminals, connectors, switches and other electrical components that are critical to the aviation industry. With something as serious as the safety of pilots and their passengers, nothing but the best products on the market can be utilized. It’s why we provide an assortment of battery connectors that have been tested and proven to offer superior results.

Virtually all airplanes require a high-end electrical system. With an electrical system comes the need of one or more batteries. The first time batteries are asked to perform actually happens before takeoff. Batteries power up the electrical system and sometimes even assist in starting the plane’s engines. Batteries also play a vital role in the safety of all passengers as battery power is entrusted as a backup to the main electrical power of an aircraft. We take great pride in producing products that help air travelers remain safe when the unexpected occurs.

Batteries are also entrusted to backup a lot of the electrically powered medical equipment aboard most flights. When an aircraft is thousands upon thousands upon feet in the air and a person needs a defribrillator, it has to have batteries that can be trusted. The emergency locator transmitter on every plane will have dedicated batteries as well.

The batteries used for aviation applications can be rechargeable or designed for single use.  Each battery intended for use as a power source on an aircraft - whether installed or routinely carried on - should have a high energy density, be lightweight, reliable, require minimal maintenance, and be able to operate efficiently in all sorts of harsh climates. The elements change not only from takeoff to flight, but throughout the flight as well depending the aircraft’s destination.

As aviation standards continue to rise, there’s a greater demand for the advancement of technology in the battery industry. Not only do batteries and the equipment associated with them on aircraft need to be lightweight, they need to be powerful enough to serve as the second-line of defense in the event of an electrical outage.

If you have questions about our aviation battery connectors and the role our products play in the aviation industry, we want to hear from you. Just give our experts a call at 215-343-2400.


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