Phenolic Molding Is Perfect for a Wide Variety of Automotive Components


Winter is here, and one thing we know for sure is that the winter weather can give your car a beating. The last thing motorists want is to suffer a breakdown when there’s poor visibility and dangerous roadside conditions. This is why they depend on manufacturers to design safe and reliable automobiles that will get them from Point A to Point B.


Increasingly, automotive manufacturers are turning to custom plastic injection molding to acquire affordable automotive components that meet their strict requirements. A thermoset plastic material called phenolic is often used for several reasons.


  • It has really high heat resistance and strength. Some phenolics can tolerate temperatures of 550°F in a continuously operating environment.
  • Phenolic components can reduce the overall weight of the motor as you are replacing heavier metal components with plastic ones.
  • The high heat resistance ensures the motor will run correctly and effectively over a long period of time.

Phenolic components can be found in a wide variety of areas in the motor and vehicle. They are used in the starter, anti-lock braking system, power window motors, car ashtray, the vehicle’s electrical system, and more.


At Rebling, we have a lot of experience working with phenolic materials. In fact, phenolic was the first plastic material we molded way back in 1961. Our customers choose us for phenolic molding because we offer a variety of options in our process. We offer single and two stage phenolic molding compounds depending on our clients’ needs. We can also provide design assistance to ensure the project is a success and meets your exact specifications.


Phenolic compounds start at $1.00 per pounds, and phenolic injection molding is not just limited to automotive components. We have produced components for applications ranging from cookware handles to rocket motor housings. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about your options and to request a free quote on your order.



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