How Is Norway Reducing Its Ports’ Carbon Emissions?








When we look at carbon emissions in this country and across the world, one of the most overlooked areas is our ports. In this county alone, thousands of millions of tons of cargo are imported and exported every year. Power is needed for gantry cranes, container lift trucks, telehandlers, cargo handling equipment, and more. So how can planners reduce their carbon emissions to ensure we are shipping our goods across the sea in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible?


Norway is attempting to become greener by implementing an infrastructure that utilizes means to reduce carbon emissions. Cavotec SA, an engineering group headquartered in Switzerland, recently announced that shore power and charging infrastructure could potentially reduce C02 emissions at ports in Norway by as much 12.5 million tons per year. The report was pulled by experts from ABB, DNV GL, the port of Oslo, and Cavotec itself. Altogether, the report was compiled under the ReCharge Initiative, which officials in Norway created to eventually enable ports to reach zero emissions.


If you are unfamiliar with the ReCharge Initiative, it is a project that seeks to identify where emissions are generated in Norwegian ports and potential ways to reduce those emissions to negate the effects of climate change. The process of the initiative identified 64 vessels that could potentially be powered by batteries. The goal is to implement shore power and charging systems that enable Norwegian ports to use clean energy and reduce their dependency on coal and other less environmentally-friendly sources.


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