Made in America Matters

You may have noticed that more and more products are labeled with “Made in USA” and wondered what that really means.  There are many reasons why it is beneficial to purchase items produced in the United States, not just for the economy but for ethical and health reasons.  Rebling Aviation products are created in the U.S., and the company details below why it is important to look for this feature on purchased goods.


Jobs for U.S. Citizens

Americans continue the effort to lower unemployment rates in many ways, especially by opening opportunities for new job positions.  Companies like Rebling Aviation that manufacture and assemble products in the United States are creating opportunities for individuals that can fill these roles.  This can make a huge difference in a person’s life, as well as in the economy.


Enhanced Economy

When a business manufactures in the U.S., the money stays in the U.S. and flows within the economy.  Paying for rental space or purchasing a warehouse, buying equipment, shipping goods, and many other variables keep transactions in America and boost the economy.


Labor Conditions

Some citizens are concerned with the low standards other countries hold in the workplace, such as juvenile workers and unhealthy or life threatening conditions in factories.  The United States maintains stricter standards and labor laws than many other countries, which means Americans can feel more confident in the treatment and safety of personnel who created a purchased item.


Medical Hazards

Along with unhealthy working conditions in other countries, goods manufactured outside of the U.S. also may not live up to U.S. health standards.  For example, a product could contain toxic and hazardous materials.  Goods produced in the U.S. may have more monitoring, higher standards and more in depth inspections.


It can be enticing for an American business to manufacture overseas.  Costs tend to be much lower when building and assembling items in other countries, so the company is able to earn higher profits when the products are sold.  However, it can also be more challenging to communicate with a more remote country and oversee operations.  Items may also ship much faster when made in the United States.  When considering where to manufacture and conduct business, Rebling Aviation and many other companies prioritize the best interests of the consumer and country.

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