How are Bulkhead Connectors Different Than Wire Feedthroughs?

We take great pride in ensuring our customers get the precise products they need to get the job done right. One of the major questions our team gets asked is whether a job needs bulkhead connectors or wire feedthroughs. Today, we will address that issue and try to provide a general answer to this complicated question. The good news is that we find that both options can prove beneficial depending on the project an engineer is working through.

Engineers often find themselves needing to pass power through vacuum chambers or walls of pressure. Bulkhead connectors must be used for applications that require users having the ability to disconnect wires from the chamber. Bulkhead connectors will help engineers avoid problems down the road due to poor sealing or loss of electricity. Feedthrough applications can offer cost-savings, but there is always a concern regarding the risk of spending less. Wire feedthroughs can be seen in applications like military ordinance-control applications and semiconductor wafer-processing equipment.

Our collection of bulkhead connectors will address many of the application requirements an engineer may be faced with. The potential downside is how many wire gauges they will be able to accommodate. Fortunately, we can customize orders to provide bulkhead connectors that cover more than the standard four wire gauges. It is rare that any connector found off the shelf will fit the job perfectly, which is why Rebling focuses on customization to offer the best product possible. Wire feedthroughs are often chosen because thousands of conductors can be included if that is what the job requires. Depending on the bulkhead connector being utilized, wire feedthroughs are usually more compact. Space is often limited during an engineer’s job.

What you quickly realize when examining the differences between wire feedthroughs and bulkhead connectors is that engineers really do have options. Sometimes, it is a matter of cost. We fully understand the need to keep a project on budget. Often, wire feedthroughs can be more expensive than their bulkhead connector counterpart. It is often a matter of determining whether or not a single wire feedthrough could replace multiple bulkhead connectors. Sometimes they can and sometimes there is nothing that can replace the quality of one of our bulkhead connectors. Fortunately, our team remains on call to help engineers make the best decision for their unique project. If you happen to have a question, give our team a call at 215-343-2400.

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