Are Flying Electric Vehicles the Future of the Military?


“Flying cars” have been a mainstay of the science fiction genre for some time. If you were a fan of “The Jetsons,” for example, you were probably waiting for the day that aerial vehicles would be available to drive. Back to the Future most likely didn’t help. Although “flying cars” are not ready for the commercial market, there may be some potential for aerial vehicles to be used in military applications in the not so distant future.


Why Would the Military Be Interested in “Flying Cars”?


Experts suggest “flying cars” could be used for many different military applications. For example, a “flying car” could land on a military battleground and carry wounded soldiers away from danger and to a facility where they can receive medical care. “Flying cars” could also be used for transporting supplies and delivering troops and Special Forces in areas where they may be denied.


Now, of course, you may be asking why we would need “flying cars” when we already have helicopters. There are several advantages of “flying cars” over helicopters in military applications. For one, helicopters require large blades that make maneuvering in urban settings very difficult. The “flying car” prototypes that have been developed so far do not have these large helicopter-type blades. One prototype, for example, has internal rotors. Another has a large set of electric fans that enable the vehicle to take off vertically. They then tilt to propel the vehicle forward up to 200 miles per hour.


The second reason why the military is interested in “flying cars” is the same reason why electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the commercial market: they are made with relatively few parts. With an internal combustion engine, there are so many things that can go wrong as there are many different parts. Experts have said that a “flying car” will most likely resemble a drone and be completely electric, requiring much fewer parts. This potentially means a reduced risk of engine failure and costly repairs.


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