Environmental Conditions in the Military that Require Best-in-Class Battery Connectors

Silhouette of modern soldiers with military vehicles


Military engineers must focus on designing vehicles and aircraft that address the many challenges and diverse environments they may contend with in order to put our brave servicemen and women in the best position to succeed. Part of the design process will include cabling and connectors that can withstand the elements and maintain a long lifetime without sacrificing on performance in any way.


As the military moves towards electric vehicles more to conduct missions and other basic military applications, military engineers will need to put careful consideration in the types of battery connectors, cabling, and other components for such high-stakes environments.


There's no question that our military relies more on technology and puts that technology in extreme situations. Plus there are always new threats and challenges that must be measured and dealt with.  Here are several environmental factors that make careful consideration so crucial:


  • Temperature Extremes
  • Exposure to Saltwater
  • Significant Shock and Vibration
  • Lengthy Operations
  • Contact with Extreme Chemicals
  • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Electrostatic Discharge


In addition to environmental concerns and potential electronic warfare, more is required of military vehicles and aircraft in regard to data rates. They are often asked to transmit high-resolution imagery and other large data file types, requiring more sophisticated data connectors.


Therefore, military engineers and other personnel are looking for durability first in their electrical components for military aircraft, vehicles, and unmanned systems. They want to know that those components will be up to the task of maintaining performance in varying and increasingly harsh environments. They are also looking for components that are up to date on the latest battery technology to achieve optimal output.


Given the importance of these military applications, Rebling is proud to offer various AC & DC connectors and receptacles, high current/high voltage master disconnect switches, battery vent caps, and other products designed for maximum power and reliability. Our electrical and battery components have been used for a myriad of applications, ranging from utility vehicles to aerospace aircraft.


Learn more about our best-in-class military and commercial-grade connectors and other components for multiple environments and applications today by contacting us at 215-343-2400.


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