When Is a Bucket Truck Needed to Complete a Job?








Throughout the United States, we have experienced some extreme weather as of late. The East Coast, for example, is thawing out from a deep Arctic freeze that included a bomb cyclone. Whether we’re talking about extreme cold, heavy winds, wildfires, or more, the weather can severely damage trees, causing arborists to either trim or take them down altogether. Tree care and forestry is a complicated job and requires a fleet of construction equipment, including bucket trucks, in order to get the job done right. This is just one of many applications where a bucket truck is needed.

What Is a Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck consists of an aerial work platform that is mounted to a truck. The mounted aerial work platform is usually steel, but it can sometimes be fiberglass. A bucket truck has a hydraulic or electric lifting system, which consists of a lifting arm and a rotating turret, that is used to lift the aerial work platform into the air.

Some bucket trucks also have winches that are used to lift materials and supplies. Each bucket truck will have its own particular configuration and features dependent on the type of job it is being used for.

Bucket trucks are reliant on an electric power source in order to run. Rebling supplies electrical and battery components for bucket trucks, including truck battery switches, to ensure they remain in working order for a wide variety of jobs. Here are just a few of the many other ways bucket trucks are used by professionals in various industries.

Electrical Utility and Telecommunications: In order for engineers and technicians to complete repairs and perform maintenance on power and telephone lines, they will need a bucket truck to reach them.

Traffic Lights and Signs: Did a traffic light go down because of a power outage or wind storm? Engineers will need a bucket truck to fix it as quickly as possible to avoid a traffic nightmare.

Film and Photography: In order to get that perfect shot, photographers and cinematographers may have to climb new heights. A bucket truck will help them get there.

Building Cleaning and Repair: Whether we’re talking about cleaning windows on a tall building or replacing a letter in the building’s name, a bucket will be needed to complete the job.

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