What Do Battery Disconnectors Do and Why Are More States Requiring Them in Commercial Vehicles?







Did you know that California now mandates that all commercial vehicles must have disconnect switches? The state is responding to the recommendation of many Safety and Health standards organizations in North America, Europe, and Japan (OSHA, SAE, IEC, ISO, NIOSH, JASO) to protect EMS responders in the event of a traffic accident as well as maintenance personnel when a vehicle is being serviced. In its most simple definition, a power disconnect switch makes sure that an electrical circuit is completely deengergized for the scenarios mentioned above and many others.


Vehicle fires due to an electrical short or failure are more common than you think. Now you probably know a few of the most common reasons. For example, if the car gets overheated and reaches the danger zone, it can catch on fire. That’s why if you notice that the gauge gets to the red, it’s important to pull over and assess the situation before continuing. Another common reason for a vehicle fire is a fuel leak. If you smell gas or notice that your vehicle is losing fuel very quickly, you should have the vehicle checked out by a mechanic before a major issue happens. Faulty equipment is another common concern that could potentially cause a fire.


Electrical shorts can potentially cause a fire – especially when it is a large vehicle that uses a high amperage batteries. When you consider the fact that many commercial vehicles tend to have powerful batteries and complicated wiring systems, battery disconnect switches can help prevent a fire from occurring. When battery charges, hydrogen gas can build up in the engine. When it comes into contact with the electrical current the battery provides, a fire could occur if there is system malfunction of any kind. Electrical fires are not just limited to electric cars as every vehicle has an electrical system required to power it.


California and other states are implementing programs to reduce vehicle fires and catastrophic vehicle loss by installing battery disconnect switches in their commercial vehicles. Fleet managers, public works officials, and other industry experts all agree that battery disconnect switches are a viable way to save vehicles and, more importantly, save lives. Rebling is proud to offer battery disconnect switches for commercial vehicles that feature the highest level of design and quality control. Our battery disconnect switches are perfect for off-road vehicles, construction equipment, electric and solar-powered vehicles, and more. Contact us today at 215-343-2400 to learn more.



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