Electric Vehicle Market will Benefit from Massive Efforts by Rebling’s Design Department

Each passing day brings us closer to mass availability of electric vehicles. With manufacturers like Tesla running showrooms where shoppers can order a car to monoliths like Mercedes-Benz no longer developing internal combustion engines, a new dawn nears. The infrastructure required to make this transition possible is massive, and continued development on a more robust power grid continues. Equally crucial are the components that will power these electric cars and trucks. The primary lithium-ion battery is merely the powertrain; Rebling’s electric and hybrid vehicle department wants readers to know about all the other systems keeping these vehicles on the road. This means plugs, receptacles, junction blocks and a half-dozen other systems that will keep the lights, radio and GPS on. This is information that will also be relevant to car-builders who rely on Rebling for these components and more.

The lithium battery, compared to the alkaline alternative, is one of the reasons why electric cars are possible. These power sources derive their energy from lithium. The material is extracted from the Earth and created by way electrolysis. These batteries that get the volts flowing have a longer lifespan than alternatives and are lighter, which are two distinct advantages for the automotive world. According to Mercedes-Benz, these automotive-grade “lithium-ion batteries are known for being lightweight, quick to charge, and having a long service life, which makes them perfect for electric cars.” That’s a win-win for car companies and consumers alike – but what about Rebling?

The lithium battery terminals made by Rebling are specific for electric and hybrid cars. The company has taken all sorts of practical driving factors into consideration, including cost, size and variations in temperature. The 250-amp LFT-style terminal, for example, is a wrench-disconnect single-pole battery terminal that allows for easy integration into the vehicle electrification system. This brass-core terminal is also nickel-plated for temperature considerations and is going to outperform the competition. There are plenty of other solutions for the “daily driver,” too, including the commercial-grade two-wire cable-mounted plug connector. This high-amp, high-voltage quick release connector makes plug design and mounting with bulkhead receptacle connectors a straightforward process.

Manufacturers who seek out a company like Rebling for these products need to know about performance, maintenance, installation and compatibility. These are important factors on the construction line when electric cars are being put together. These are also components that repair departments and consumers are going to want to know more about. Working with a company like Rebling, which has been making electrical connectors since the 1970s and is ISO 9001:2015 certified/ITAR registered, puts proven experience and expertise on your side.

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